Despite Being Buried Alive For Two Hours, Newborn Baby Survives (Video)


In an amazing turn of events, a baby in China reportedly survived being buried alive for two hours after she was believed to be stillborn.

According to the Daily Mail, the baby was delivered at home and thought to be a stillborn. Lu reportedly believed that she was only four months pregnant at the time and didn’t think there was a chance that the baby survived. When her husband got home, they went to the hospital to get her checked out, but decided not to have the baby checked out because they presumed she was dead.

While Lu and her husband He Yong were at the hospital, Lu’s mother buried the baby in the backyard under a tree. A doctor at the hospital reportedly expressed concern that the baby hadn’t been checked to make sure she was actually dead, and in a moment of realization, the father raced home in hopes of getting there before the baby was buried. Unfortunately, the baby was already in the ground. Upon digging her up, the father was relieved to discover that she was still breathing.

Now, the parents say the baby is in an incubator at the hospital, and even though they can’t afford the hospital bills, local residents raised money to support them after hearing about their ordeal.

Sources:Daily Mail, Parent Dish / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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