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Newborn Baby Girl Found Abandoned Outside Chicago Hospital

A newborn baby girl was found, with her umbilical cord still attached, wrapped in a jacket outside a Chicago hospital.

The infant was left overnight and found around 3 a.m. on Nov. 3 near Nazareth Family Center, reports NBC Chicago. The baby appeared to have just been delivered by her mother, who remains anonymous.

Later that morning, the newborn was being treated at Saint Mary’s Medical Center before being transferred to Lurie Children’s Hospital. The baby was reported to be healthy and in good condition, notes NBC Chicago.

Teresa Alvarez, part of the cleaning crew at Presence Saint Mary’s Medical Center, found the baby girl on the steps of Nazareth Family Center when she finished her shift, reports ABC 7.

“When I saw the jacket, something was moving,” Alvarez said. “‘Oh, somebody’s here. Oh my gosh. It’s a baby.’”

Alvarez said the baby was wrapped up and her umbilical cord was still attached, reports ABC 7. It is still unclear how long the baby may have been outside.

Illinois’ Safe Haven Law allows parents to leave their baby at any hospital, police station, fire station or any emergency medical services provider if the baby is 30 days or younger. The baby should be handed over to staff to comply with the law.

Sources: NBC Chicago, ABC 7 / Photo credit: Screenshot via ABC 7


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