Baby Dies After Father 'Explodes' With Anger

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A Utah father is accused of killing his 2-month-old son.

Clint Nokes, 19, of Salt Lake City called 911 on Dec. 1 to report that his baby wasn't breathing. Officers were unable to revive the infant with CPR, and the baby was transported to a local hospital, reports KUTV.

Nokes initially told an officer that he had been feeding the baby and tried to burp him. He said that the baby would not burp, so he pulled the baby away from him and the child went limp.

He said that he noticed the baby was not breathing, before seeing the child take a large gasp for air. He called Krista Larsen, his girlfriend, to tell her what was happening, and said Larsen called their doctor before Nokes dialed 911.

The hospital conducted a CT scan and found that the baby had serious injuries, including detached retinas, bleeding in his brain, a skull fracture, and bruising on his ribs and head.

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The baby died on Dec. 2 after being transerred to an area children's hospital.

An autopsy showed the 2-month-old had a broken rib, tibia and humerus, as well as bloody spinal fluid. The optic nerves in his eyes had also hemorrhaged.

Nokes later reportedly admitted to investigators that he had "exploded" after he became sick of hearing the baby crying. He told police he would "chuck" the infant into his swing or onto the couch.

He also allegedly said he had dropped the baby on his head in the kitchen sink in the week before his death.

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Police say he admitted to grabbing the baby boy by both arms to pull him out of his swing, as well as pulling him by the leg from room to room.

He also reportedly revealed that he had grabbed the child, held him up in front of him, and jumped up and down, causing the baby's heading to shake up and down.

Nokes was booked into jail. He is being held without bail, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. Formal charges against Nokes have not been filed.

In a similar story in Pennsylvania, a father admitted to punching his 4-month-old daughter several times because she had been "fussy," reports USA Today.

The father, 30-year-old George Gazzam from the Mt. Lebanon neighborhood of Pittsburgh, had initially told Allegheny County Police that the girl had fallen out of her bed.

An autopsy showed serious injuries, including bleeding of the brain, three fractured ribs, multiple bruises to her head and back, a hemorrhage behind her eyes and a liver contusion. She also had a lacerated left kidney and heart vessel.

Coroner Christine James told officials that the girl could not have suffered her injuries just from falling onto a carpeted floor.

Gazzam then changed his story, reportedly admitting that he had punched the baby multiple times. Police say he told them he became angry when the girl "would not stop crying and would not fall asleep again."

"She stopped breathing and her eyes rolled back in her head," Gazzam is reported to have said.

The girl's mother was working at the time of the incident, and police said she is cooperating with the investigation.

"It's obviously a very traumatic situation for everyone involved and our hearts go out to the family," said Mt. Lebanon Police Chief Aaron Lauth.

Gazzam was charged with homicide, endangering the welfare of a child and recklessly endangering another person.

Sources: KUTV, The Salt Lake Tribune, USA Today / Featured Image: Erik Starck/Flickr / Embedded Images: Davis County Jail via The Salt Lake Tribune, Nathan & Jenny/Flickr

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