New Zealand Teacher Caught Stealing Food From Student Lunchboxes


A New Zealand childcare center teacher had her teaching certificate suspended after she was caught on camera stealing food from her students’ lunchboxes.

Complaints of stolen food were first made by the students, though their protests were ignored. When the teacher was finally caught on camera opening a lunchbox and eating, the childcare center confronted her and she admitted her wrongdoing.

The teacher wrote a letter to the Teacher's Council making no excuses for her actions, accepting that her deeds would be viewed as a serious misconduct. She emphasized that she wanted to put the events in her past and move on with her career.

While the Council considered her act a violation of trust between the teacher-parent dynamic and ethical misconduct, it also considered her compliance with the investigation and the “modest value” of what was stolen.

The teacher’s contract is now attached to certain conditions, including a requirement to disclose the events to her future employers for the next five years and to verify her compliance with the Council.

Sources: AU News, Child Forum


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