New Zealand Man Ronald Clark Jailed For Watching ‘Pixie Sex’


A New Zealand man has been placed in jail for watching cartoon videos of pixies, elves and other fantasy creatures having sex. Ronald Clark downloaded the digitally created pornography three years ago. He has previous convictions for indecently assaulting a teenage boy, but the Japanese anime cartoons he was found with were, well, anime cartoons.

Clark said that the videos are part of the Japanese tradition of manga and hentai (cartoon pornography). Clark's lawyer, Roger Bowden, said that the cartoons obviously did not show real people and that “you knew at a glance [they] weren't human.” He says that his client’s conviction for possessing objectionable material was "the law gone mad.”

ECPAT Child Alert director Alan Bell believes that the suggestive images are illegal because they prompt people "to migrate from there to the real thing,” according to Stuff.

"The distribution of it is damaging,” Bell said. “You have to ask what impact does it have even if it's not harming [an individual child]." Bell conceded that no child was harmed during the images’ creation but that they still represented a big problem.

Lincoln University philosophy lecturer Grant Tavinor had this to say:

"The worry is that viewing or distributing such images could support the sexual exploitation of children even if the production of the images did not actually involve the exploitation of any children."

He added:

"The ways a person entertains themself is not morally negligible. This is probably an additional factor in the current case because as well as worrying about the effects these activities might have on children, we also naturally make moral judgments about the character of the person in question.”

Clark has said that he was not sexually aroused by the cartoons. So there you go.

Sources: Stuff, The Escapist


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