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'I Will Happily Help': Man Whose Van Was Broken Into Twice Leaves Note For Car Thieves (Photos)

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A man in New Zealand was so fed up with his car being broken into that he left a note for potential thieves, imploring them to look elsewhere.

Wellington, New Zealand, resident Woody Robinson allegedly had his car broken into twice in two months, Scoop reports. When the second theft occurred, he wasn’t only angry that someone would break into his vehicle – he was dumbfounded as to why anyone would choose his 1990 Mazda Familia to vandalize in the first place. Robinson took it upon himself to make sure it never happened again.

“Please stop breaking into me!!” Robinson wrote in a note on the windshield. “Can you not tell from my physical appearance my owner has little amounts of money? Go find a new Mercedes, or better yet, go find a job!” Robinson, a musician, even left his phone number on the note, writing, "I will happily help you make a C.V." A "C.V." refers to a cover letter.

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In total, damages to the car came to about $300, and Robinson ultimately decided not to report the thefts to the police because they seemed “petty.” He did, however, post a photo of the note to Facebook. It soon went viral and garnered over 1,500 likes. Through the post, he received a tip about who the thief might be and subsequently reported the name to police. Officers deemed it “unsubstantiated” because it was an anonymous tip.

According to reports, police in the Wellington area deal with nearly 50 car break-ins per week. A list released in 2013 revealed the most stolen cars in New Zealand, though Robinson’s Mazda Familia was not on the list.

“They target these types of cars because it's easy but, you know, it's obvious there's not going to be anything valuable inside,” Robinson said of the thieves, according to “They have the guy's name now so, I mean, they can do what they want. I know they can't produce a search warrant out of nowhere, but I'm aware that he's known to police. So that could help."

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