New Zealand Man Beats Partner And Infant Son During Domestic Abuse Incident


An abusive man will soon be sentenced to prison time after punching his infant son during a fight with his girlfriend.

The man is identified as 26-year-old Cody Scott Jarden. Jarden has already been ordered to move away from his partner and children after he admitted to punching and abusing them on numerous occasions. According to, he will be sentenced on February 28th.

In court today, Jarden pleaded guilty to two seperate assault incidents.

The first occurred on August 17th while his partner was 8 months pregnant. In the incident Jarden shoved and grabbed her multiple times. He then pushed her on the ground and pinned her in position until she complained of stomach pains.

The next instance occurred two months later after their son was born. During this assault, Jarden again became angry at his partner. She was holding the baby when Jarden grabbed her and dragged her to the back of the house. He then punched her repeatedly. He also punched his infant son during the assault. Jarden claims he didn’t mean to hit his son, but the child was still hit regardless of intent.

Jarden left the home after the incident and his partner called police. An ambulance arrived and found the mothers face beaten. The child had a large red bump on the side of his face as well.

Jarden has now been ordered to move in with his father who lives hundreds of miles away. He will remain there until his February sentencing. He has been charged with two counts of assault against his partner, one account of assault against his child, and failure to appear in court as required on bail.

Sources:, Christchurch Courthouse News


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