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New Zealand Man Asks For Jail After Running Out Of Video Games

A New Zealand man asked to go to jail instead of finishing out his house arrest sentence because he did not have enough video games.

The 19-year-old New Zealander called police on Tuesday and asked to serve out the final month of his 11-month sentence in jail because he “had run out of Xbox games to play,” The Inquisitr reported.

Senior Constable Paul Nicholas said the man told police he would breach his home detention if he was not picked up and taken to jail. He is now in Ngawha Prison.

Home detention was introduced in November 2007. It is described as the second-most restrictive sentence available to the courts after imprisonment.

One of the major reasons home sentences are used is they are much cheaper than jail time. The daily cost of administering a home detention sentence is $58 compared to $249 for imprisonment.

While serving home detention, offenders are required to remain at an approved residence at all times under electronic monitoring. The maximum home detention sentence is 12 months.

Sources: The Inquisitr, The Northern Advocate 


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