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New Zealand-Based ISIS Fighter Has Accidentally Been Tweeting His Location In Syria For Close To A Month

A New Zealand man who devoted himself to the jihadist agenda and reportedly fled to Syria to fight alongside ISIS has mistakenly been broadcasting his location in recent social media posts, opening himself up to tracking by intelligence agencies.

New Zealand citizen Mohammed Daniel, formerly known as Mark John Taylor, reportedly deleted 45 tweets in December after realizing he had been broadcasting his whereabouts the entire time. Still, Daniel was too late in deleting the tweets, as an intelligence firm has already tracked his location.

After initially tweeting about his devotion to the ISIS cause in October 2014, Daniel all but disappeared from the social media world for a couple of months. In December, he reappeared, this time forgetting to turn off location services on his device.

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“There is no doubt that Taylor is fully aware of his social media failures now, given his recent removals from his Twitter account and his most recent tweet claiming he was staying in the Islamic State for good,” Jeff R. Weyers of Canadian-based intelligence research group iBRABO said. “No doubt this is a better alternative than being targeted by a drone strike or any group with the operational capabilities to target his short lived home in Al Tabqah.”

iBRABO says that thanks to his lazy social media posts, it was able to pinpoint a house in the Syrian town of Al Tabqah where Daniel was believed to be staying.

“His statements and Twitter missteps have solidified his involvement with ISIS and will provide the evidence should he ever try to return to New Zealand,” Weyers said.

Weyers notes that Daniel’s social media faux pas may be enough to pursue criminal charges against him if he ever returns to New Zealand.

Sources:The Blaze, The New Zealand Herald / Photo Sources: Twitter/@BraboCo / The New Zealand Herald


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