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New York Woman Reportedly Stabs Mom To Death With Kitchen Knife

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New York woman and lawyer Suzan Grossman-Kerner reportedly stabbed and killed her 79-year-old mother with a kitchen knife, police reported on Tuesday.

The 56-year-old married mother of three was at her mother Irma Grossman’s home on Monday when the attack occurred. Grossman-Kerner, who has a history of mental illness, and her mother were discussing her “ongoing medical conditions,” according to police.

Angered, Grossman-Kerner allegedly stabbed her mother to death inside the Oceanside, New York, home around 1 p.m. Immediately after, Grossman-Kerner called 911 and reported the crime.

When police arrived, Grossman was bleeding profusely from the head and neck. Although she was rushed to the hospital, she died as a result of her wounds around 3 p.m.

Evidence of the murder was still on display in the home on Tuesday, including bloody hand prints on the front door and a potted plant. A bloody kitchen knife was also found at the scene.

Just a few blocks away, Grossman-Kerner’s neighbors described the instability surrounding the family.

“I have anticipated something happening with this family for a long time,” Bob Segelken, a neighbor, said. “They are a very unstable family. There were blood-curdling screams coming from that house.”

On Tuesday morning, Grossman-Kerner appeared dazed and remained silent as she was led out of Nassua County police headquarters in a hospital gown to make her court appearance.

Grossman-Kerner pleaded not guilty and was not held on bail.

“She is an attorney and is very upset and a very decent person despite what happened here,” Todd Greenberg, Grossman-Kerner’s attorney, said. “She has a mental illness and we will deal with this within the court system.”

Grossman-Kerner has no prior arrests, although she does have a prior psychiatric history. 

Sources: NY Post, Town Hall

Photo Credit: NY Post 


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