New York Woman Held at Gunpoint Tells Him He Doesn't 'Have the B*lls'


A woman in New York City who is the wife of a famous Russian sculptor was held by gunpoint outside her apartment, but was able to escape by telling him he wasn't brave enough to shoot. 

"I said, 'It's not easy to shoot someone. You have to have b***s to do that. And you have none,'" Anna Graham said. She recalled that the gunman's accomplice was urging him to shoot.

Graham said she saw fear in his eyes and that's what prompted her to say it.

"For a second there, I saw fear - for just a split second. I went against all the rules, everything he knew about life," she said.

It happened on July 3 when the men started taking items out of a car Graham was watching. They got away with stealing $600, an iPod mini and a Samsung Galaxy phone. They are still at large.

Graham is the wife of Ernst Neizvestny.

"He should be very grateful to me that he didn't shoot, because once he does that it changes his life 100 percent," she said. 

Sources: Fox, NY Daily News


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