New York Train Clerk Caught On Film Losing His Temper With Customers (Video)

A temperamental New York City subway worker was caught on camera flipping off a customer and refusing to sell him a ticket.

The angry worker is Stephen C. Herbert.

On February 11, 2012, Herbert got into a heated exchange with an elderly Subway passenger. Herbert allegedly yelled at the elderly woman during an argument about a senior citizen free-ride ticket. The woman called Herbert an idiot after he yelled at her.

After overhearing the argument, New York filmmaker Jonathan Pilott started videotaping the exchange.

As the elderly woman strolled off, Herbert finished the exchange in true second grade style by again calling her an idiot.

Pilott then approached Herbert and asked him about the incident. The two exchanged some less-than-friendly words and Herbert found himself once again losing his temper with a customer.

“I’ve been riding the subways all my life,” said Pilott, “and never have I seen anything like that by a subway employee ... You just don’t treat people that way.”

Luckily for you, Pilott caught the whole ordeal on film. Here Herbert is yelling at Pilott, middle fingers raised and all:

Source: New York Daily News, Mail Online


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