New York State Trooper Threatens Arrest If Man Posts Video On YouTube


A New York State Trooper recently pulled over motorist John Houghtaling, who filmed the encounter on his cell phone.

The trooper wasn't happy about being filmed and didn't want the video (below) posted on YouTube where it was uploaded on Sunday.

"Put the phone down," the trooper tells Houghtaling, who asks why, reports

"Because I said so," replies the trooper.

The trooper then asks for Houghtaling's license and registration.

"Are you the same one who thought it was a good idea to come to my station and videotape us for some reason?" says the trooper.

"Am I legally obligated to answer that question?" replies Houghtaling.

“How about if I see you post this on YouTube, I’ll find a way for the D.A.s office to arrest you,” the trooper responds.

Houghtaling asks the trooper if it is illegal to record the police, noted

“When I tell you to put the phone down and you disregard what I’m telling you, yes, it is,” the trooper answers.

Houghtaling continues to ask the trooper if it is against the law to record police officers, but the trooper ignores the question.

The trooper informs Houghtaling that he is being cited for a loud exhaust pipe, and adds, “Can you get the phone out of my face, I'm trying to talk to you, not the phone.”

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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