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New York State Trooper Tasers Suicidal Man Climbing Bridge Railing

A New York State Trooper Tasered a suicidal man on an Albany bridge in an attempt to save his life.

Trooper Matthew Rufa responded to a call at Patroon Island Bridge on Interstate 90 at 7:40 p.m. Saturday.

Rufa observed a passenger from a nearby car holding back a distraught man from the railing of the bridge.

Rufa helped to pull the man away from the railing, but he broke free and approached the railing a second time. The Trooper asked him to step away, but the unidentified 51-year-old man would not comply.

That’s when Rufa Tasered him.

Luckily the man did not fall from the bridge. He was reportedly uninjured from the incident.

He was not charged with a crime and will undergo a mental health evaluation.

Sources: North Country Gazette, Saratogian


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