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Man's Remains Found Inside Couch In Brooklyn

City workers cleaning up in Brooklyn recently discovered human remains concealed within an abandoned couch.

A shirt was found nearby with slash marks, suggesting that the victim, believed to be a man between the ages of 30 and 35, could have been stabbed, officials said on Sept. 28, Newsday reported.

A forensic anthropologist is examining the bones and will provide further details when the investigation is complete.

The couch was located in a thatch of weeds in Marine Park, close to the Flatbush exit from Belt Parkway, police stated on Sept. 26, according to New York Daily News.

Workers found the body after they loaded the sofa in to a truck. They had just switched on a crushing system when the skull fell out of the piece of furniture.

The body was tightly wrapped in a blanket which was taped closed, police said.

Medical examiners hope to uncover more information about the person’s characteristics and how they died.

A police spokeswoman noted that some of the bones had been bleached due to the weather, leading authorities to suspect that the death occurred a year ago, according to Newsday.

Police have been searching missing persons databases to see if there are any matches.

The area of Brooklyn where the body was found has been associated historically with the discovery of human remains. Police had discovered several bodies that were the result of mob killings.

Last year, a skeleton was discovered in the city after a jogger came across human remains in Prospect Park, Gothamist reported. 

Sources: Newsday, New York Daily News, Gothamist / Photo credit: New York Daily News, Brenda Carson/Shutterstock


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