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New York Police Reviewing Incident After Cops Appear To Repeatedly Punch Man In Arrest Video (Video)

In a recently released video, New York City police officers are seen pinning a man to the ground in a Brooklyn Target store on Saturday. Some officers in the video (shown below) appear to punch the man in the back as he is held to the ground. 

The video was shot by Brooklyn resident, 31-year-old Michael Rolland, around 7:20 p.m. Saturday, the New York Daily News reports. 

Rolland posted the video to YouTube the following day where it has been viewed more than 99,000 times.

Rolland told the Daily News he “was certainly shocked at the level of force used.”

“Just before I recorded the video the young man was on the ground with at least three or four NYPD officers, holding him down and then just before I started recording the video they started punching him in the back it seemed that he wasn’t complying with their instructions,” Rolland said in an interview with WPIX News. 

In the video a crowd quickly gathers around the incident and one woman clearly shouts, “Stop f-----g hitting him.”  

One officer in the video appears to call for backup and shortly after as many as 15 additional officers arrive. The officers eventually clear a path through the crowd and escort the man outside. At one point, the handcuffed man appears to have his pants around his ankles as police guide him to an elevator. 

The Daily News identifies the man being arrested as 25-year-old Alando Brissett. 

Brissett's grandmother told the paper that he frequents the Brooklyn Target to return bottles for extra money. She said Brissett has trouble remembering things and hasn’t been able to keep a job. 

“He's not a bad kid, he's not a rude kid,” she said.

Police said they arrested Brissett because he had originally refused to identify himself. 

A Target representative said in a statement that it was store employees who called police to the store. 

“At Target, we take the safety and security of our guests, team members and property very seriously,” the statement read, according to the Ditmas Park Patch. “Following concerning behavior by one of our guests, the team contacted law enforcement.”

Police said the incident is under internal review. 

Brissett has been charged with resisting arrest, obstruction of governmental administration, trespassing and disorderly conduct.

Sources: YouTube, New York Daily News, WPIX News, Ditmas Park Patch

Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube


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