New York Passes "Rape Is Rape" Bill


The state of New York has changed its laws on rape, updating the current statute to “include forced oral and anal sex and other forms of aggravated sexual contact” when determining convictions.

Bronx teacher Lydia Cuomo was a major proponent of the state’s new “rape is rape” bill after being victimized by a former off-duty police officer.

Cuomo, who was raped vaginally, orally and anally by former cop Michael Pena in 2011, was sickened when a hung jury couldn’t return a guilty rape verdict because the law defined rape only as “forced vaginal penetration.”

Her attacker was convicted of “committing a criminal sexual assault and predatory sexual assault,” but not of rape.

Cuomo had been on her way to work for the first day of her 'dream job' teaching second-graders at a Bronx charter school when she was abducted and assaulted at gunpoint in an alley by Pena, a cop of three years, who screamed to her that he was going to 'blow your f****** face off'.

Sources: BizPac, DailyMail


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