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New York Man Pleads Guilty To Rape Of 11-Year-Old Girl

A 31-year-old man has pleaded guilty to raping an 11-year-old girl and fathering her child.

Jeffry Rosales was accused of first degree rape, and was facing up to 50 years in jail as a result of this and other charges. He will now be sentenced to 17 years, according to the agreement reported by Newsday.

He acknowledged his guilt shortly after jury selection began at Suffolk County Court, New York.

“Mr. Rosales is satisfied with the plea, given the weight of the evidence against him,” Robert Macedonio, Rosales’ attorney, told Newsday.

The evidence included the confirmation that Rosales’ DNA matched that of the child, and telephone calls between him and family members from prison in which he admitted having sex with the girl. One of these calls was with the girl herself, who is now 13.

He was originally also charged with predatory sexual assault of a child, which carried a maximum sentence of 25 years in jail.

Rosales initially rejected the plea deal, but changed his mind hours later.

In a separate case in which Rosales was accused of murder, the prosecution withdrew the charges. This was prompted by the arrest of an unnamed individual who confessed to the May 2013 killing of Keenan Russell, 21, and added that Rosales was not involved.

“As such, we would be unable to prove our case beyond a reasonable doubt,” commented Assistant District Attorney Robert Biancavilla.

“He is finally glad to see the truth come out,” Macedonio said of Rosales’ response to the dropping of the murder charge.

Rosales faces another four years behind bars due to a federal robbery conviction, Newsday reported.

Judge Barbara Kahn still has to confirm the 17-year sentence in the rape case.

Sources: Newsday, Daily Mail

Photo credit: Suffolk County Police via Daily Mail


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