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New York Man Jose Feliciano Confesses To Killing Newborn Son, Burying His Body

New York City man Jose Feliciano confessed to killing and burying his 2-month-old son, noting that the boy’s mother was giving her son more attention than him (video below).

Feliciano was arrested Dec. 19 after Danielle Whyte, the infant’s mother, was taken to a hospital on Dec. 17 for treatment. She told doctors her boyfriend, Feliciano, had killed her son on Dec. 10 and hidden the boy’s body on Dec. 12. The body was found buried in a shallow grave in upstate New York on Dec. 19.

According to Feliciano, he was at the family home with his son and partner when his son began to cry. Feliciano tried to calm the newborn, but then became frustrated and tried to smother the boy before choking him.

“He thought the baby was getting too much attention,” Vhaun Whyte, the brother of the baby's mother, said. “He was mad that she was paying more attention to the baby than him.”

Feliciano then threatened to kill Whyte if she reported him to police.

In a closed-circuit camera video, which can be seen in part below, Feliciano can be seen walking down a street with a duffel bag reportedly containing the baby’s body. He then puts the bag in his car. Two days later, it’s alleged that the couple rented a room in Putnam County, New York, and buried their son.

Feliciano was arrested and charged with second-degree murder following Whyte’s accusation. He was also charged with manslaughter of a person under the age of 11. He is in custody.

Police are performing an autopsy on the child’s body. According to authorities, Whyte will not face charges. 

Sources: Newser, The New York Times / Photo credit: WCBS

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