'He Is Disgusting': Man Sentenced To 25 To Life In Child Rape Case


A New York man, convicted of raping his girlfriend’s 6-year-old daughter and videotaping the attack, has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

After a three-week trial, a jury found 35-year-old Virgilio Ocampo guilty Dec. 8 of predatory sexual assault against a child and use of a child in a sexual performance, WNBC reports. 

Prosecutors said at the trial that Ocampo had been dating the girl’s mother for two years at the time of the attack and had been living part of the time at the mother’s Bronx apartment. 

Ocampo was arrested in January 2014, after the girl’s mother reported to police that she had found a video on his phone — time-stamped from the month before — of him having sex with her daughter 

“I don't understand why the district attorney is asking for a max sentence for something that did not happen,” Ocampo told Bronx Supreme Court Judge Margaret Clancy before sentencing, according to the New York Daily News. 

In a victim impact statement, which was read in court, the victim’s mother said that Ocampo “does not deserve to ever walk these streets after all the pain he has caused my daughter, my little angel.”

“He is a sick man and is a danger to women and children he would ever come in contact with,” the statement continued, according to WNBC. “This monster took a 6-year-old and raped her continuously. He videotaped it so he can watch it over and over again. He is disgusting. Hell is not even worthy of him.”

Ocampo maintained his innocence throughout the sentencing hearing, according to NY Daily News.

The video of the attack, shown during the trial, was recorded in September 2013. 

"I don't understand, did you get any DNA proof?” he asked the judge. “Why did they never bring the victim to testify?”

Now 8 years old, the victim has been in and out of psychiatric facilities and is suicidal, Clancy said before the sentencing.

She also said Ocampo showed no remorse for his actions and that he had originally blamed the victim for the attack, saying that she came on to him. She said it was horrifying to watch him rape a child on video. 

"To say this conduct is abhorrent is an understatement,” the judge added.

Sources: WNBC, NY Daily News / Photo credit: NYPD via WNBC News

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