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'That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles': N.Y. Man Arrested For Selling Drive-Thru Pot Cookies

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An unemployed New York chef found himself in some legal trouble after police caught him selling marijuana-laced cookies through a drive-thru window operation.

Police discovered Sebastian P. Kujawa’s, 23, illegal business during a stakeout.

“Neighbors were very concerned about [his] activity,” Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda told The Buffalo News, “so we acted on it immediately.”

Kujawa would often leave his house in North Buffalo at night with a stash of his pot cookies and go to a dead end street where he would await customers to purchase his orders, The Buffalo News reports. Narcotics unit investigators watched transactions from a distance and saw a figure emerge from bushes whenever a car pulled up. The driver would take a package from the figure and drive off.

Police detectives followed one of the cars.

“Our suspect had slipped back into the bushes,” Detective Sgt. Timothy Mulhern recounted to The Buffalo News, “and you’d need a machete to chop your way through the thicket. We stopped the buyer at the end of Nicholson Street where it hits North Parker. We asked what he had in the package. He said, ‘They’re marijuana cookies.'"

The suspect then explained how he had heard about the baker on Craigslist.

Looking up the Craigslist listing, they discovered his advertisement.

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“Hey, if you are in the UB area and want some good bud or baked goods, look me up,” the listing read.

Kujawa would reportedly exchange emails with certain potential customers for weeks before agreeing to meet up with them. According to the buyer, this was to make sure they were not law enforcement officials.

The buyer informed the detectives that Kujawa had carried on an email exchange with him for two weeks. Police were able to get the buyer to cooperate for leniency. The buyer contacted Kujawa again and they agreed to meet up at the dead end street. This time though, detectives were waiting for Kujawa in the bushes.

As a detective drove up in a decoy car, Kujawa attempted to jump into the passenger seat. Police officials then apprehended him.

“The baker was stunned,” Mulhern said.

When he was in custody, Kujawa told them about how he would bake the cookies, going into detail of how much pot was in each one. When detectives searched his home, they discovered 25 grams of marijuana as well as a grinder and scales.

When asked why he was arrested, a detective told him, “Because, that is the way the cookie crumbles.”

He has been charged with criminal sale of marijuana and criminal possession of marijuana. According to New York law, he faces anywhere from four to eight years in prison.


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