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New York Cronut Craze: Delivery Service Offering Treats for $100 Each

Cronuts are the latest craze in New York City and hundreds of people line up every day at Dominique Ansel's bakery to pay $5 for the treat. 

But now, a new "white glove" delivery service is taking the hassle out of standing in line at the bakery by offering the treats for $100 a piece. A 20-piece order costs $5,000. 

Called "The Premium Croissant-Doughnut Delivery Service," the company has no connection with the bakery.

Ansel does not mind that they are delivering the cronuts, but he is worried about food safety.

"My initial reaction is, I just hope these people don't get sick," he said. "I'm not sure people realize you can't refrigerate a cronut. It starts to turn really stale and soggy. And the product simply shouldn't be outside in an uncontrolled temperature environment."

Even scalpers have taken advantage of the cronut craze by standing outside of the shop and selling theirs for a higher price. 

Most of the time, Ansel and his staff catch the scalpers as they are usually drunk and "proudly announce their intentions."

"We just hope people don't buy food out of their hands," he said.

On Monday, the delivery service will accept next-day orders. Ten percent of proceeds go toward the Food Bank of New York.

Sources: NY Daily News


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