New York Couple Lives in Cemetery

Bob Moschetto and his wife Ellen share their home with a Shih Tzu, two cats and about 70,000 dead neighbors.

That’s right. The married Queens couple lives in a cemetery and has done so for the past 13 years. The couple lives rent free in exchange for taking care of the property and they love it.

“I like to say I live in a gated community,” Ellen Moschetto, 61, told the New York Post.

Though their decision to live in a cemetery may raise eyebrows, the couple insists they didn’t settle for just any cemetery.

“There are many cemeteries in Queens. This is one of the best,” said Bob Moschetto, 65.

Moschetto is the graveyard’s caretaker, whose job it is to open and close the gates, patrol the grounds and keep out trespassers. It’s a creepy job, but someone has to do it. His wife Ellen fully supports him.

“It’s very quiet. No one here comes knocking on the door to borrow anything,” Ellen Moschetto told Fox 29.

“We had barbecues where one of our relatives had to take pictures to bring back to work to prove she went to a barbecue in a graveyard,” she added.

The couple recalled to the Post when they first moved in and invited the in-laws over for a barbecue.

“And I,” Ellen says, “in an unthinking move, made ribs. Everyone was hysterical: ‘Whose ribs?! Where did she dig them up?’”

When the grandchildren visit, Ellen says they’re happy to play outside.

“I don’t think they know what the headstones are,” she says. “If they do, it doesn’t affect them. None of them are afraid or spooked.”

Despite their address, the couple says the neighborhood is pretty normal. Even though they live a couple of blocks away from a crematorium, the couple lives just as close to a Bj’s restaurant and Toys “R” Us.

Sources: New York Post, Fox 29


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