New York Cops Arrest Mailman, Outrage Follows (Video)


New York City police officers were caught on a cellphone video (below) arresting Glenn Grays, an African-American mailman, on March 17.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said at a press conference on March 22 that Grays was getting out of his mail truck when an unmarked police car almost hit him, notes the Gothamist.

Plainclothes officers accused Grays of being "loud and boisterous" and using profanity at them.

In the video, four plainclothes cops and a lieutenant demand that Grays show them his identification. Grays says it is in his mail truck, but doesn't go immediately to his truck because he is delivering a brown package, reports the New York Daily News.

The cops take Grays into custody, and yell, "Stop resisting!" while placing hm in handcuffs.

A white police officer curses at the black postal worker: "You're going to get hurt if you don't give me your f------ hands."

Witnesses are heard on the video loudly cursing at the police, but none of the bystanders are arrested for being loud and boisterous.

According to Adams, the cops took Grays to a local station and cited him for resisting arrest.

New York Magazine notes that Grays appeared to keep his arms taut, which may be considered resisting arrest, but the police have not said why Grays was arrested in the first place.

"It is not against the law to voice outrage after almost being struck by a vehicle," Adams said at the news conference.

"This could have been another Eric Garner situation if Glenn hadn't responded as calmly as he did. And if they would do that to Glenn in his uniform, they would do that to any person of color in that neighborhood."

"I have six boys," Grays' mother, Sonya Sapp, added. "Glenn is my oldest. As soon as I saw the video, I immediately started crying, because I worry about all my boys. Every minute, every day, every second."

“I believe there were federal violations [by the police]," Adams said. "Number one, leaving that truck unsecured. Number two, interrupting the delivery of mail. There are clear NYPD procedures when you are arresting a federal employee. We don't know if even those basic procedures were followed."

The NYPD said that it is investigating the incident.


Sources: GothamistNew York Magazine,New York Daily News / Photo credit: New York Daily News via YouTube

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