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New York Cop Allegedly Put Gun To Bowler's Head Over $21 Refund

An upstate New York police officer resigned this week after he allegedly pulled a gun on a bowler while working part-time as a bowling alley security guard.

Kenmore police officer Jeffrey R. Mang, the nephew of the village mayor, allegedly confronted a bowler at Kenmore Lanes in February over a $21 refund the man pocketed when he complained to management about an obnoxious group in the lane next to him.

The 23-year-old man, a student at SUNY Buffalo State, was there with six other friends.

Mang, 30, reportedly did not agree with the group getting a refund and angry words were exchanged. He allegedly told the 23-year-old he should fight the obnoxious party and that they would be in the parking lot waiting.

The student told Mang if he had been doing his job properly he would not have needed the refund in the first place.

“That made him upset. That’s when he grabbed me by my neck and the whole thing began,” the 23-year-old said.

The bowler’s 27-year-old friend said he tried to intervene, but in seconds Mang had drawn his firearm and put the barrel against his head, the Buffalo News reported Saturday.

“At that point was when the gun was put to my head,” the 27-year-old said.

He claims Mang told him, "I’ll blow you away.”

On-duty Kenmore police arrived at the scene and arrested the two men. When they explained what Mang had allegedly done, he was placed on leave and suspended.

“There was no special treatment,” Kenmore Police Chief Peter J. Breitnauer told Buffalo News. “There was no cutting corners.”

The bowler did not press criminal charges against Mang.

The village board accepted Mang's resignation on June 3. Now that he has resigned, officials will likely drop the department’s three-month internal investigation.

Sources: Syracuse, Buffalo News


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