New York Cop Accused Of Tackling Woman Holding Lollipop

New York Police Department Detective Sekou Bourne allegedly tackled Jarnale Henry inside her New York City apartment in 2013.

Bourne was checking the building for drug dealers when he reportedly knocked on Henry's door.

Henry opened the door and asked Bourne, “What do you want?”

Bourne reportedly tacked the woman because he thought she was holding some sort of drug, when in reality she had a lollipop in her hand.

“He pushed me down … They knocked my lollipop to the ground. I fell on my leg, onto my whole right side,” Henry told the New York Post after appearing at a Civilian Complaint Review Board hearing on Feb. 9.

Bourne claimed it was the way the woman asked “What do you need?” which made him believe she was selling drugs.

“I thought it was a drug-related question. I thought she was asking me if I needed any drugs,” Bourne testified to the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

“That’s when I identified myself as a police officer,” claimed Bourne.

He also disputed her claim that he tackled her.

“She tripped and fell on her own," said Bourne. "Then I got on top of her and began frisking her for my safety."

Bourne is also accused of knocking out a teen in 2014 whom he thought was smoking marijuana, but was apparently puffing on a cigarette, noted The Free Thought Project.

Sources: New York Post, The Free Thought Project Image Credit: Julius Schorzman via Wikimedia Commons


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