New York City's Old Homestead Steakhouse Offering $35,000 Thanksgiving Feast For Four


Grandmother’s famous Thanksgiving meal is getting a rather expensive facelift this year, as the Old Homestead Steakhouse based in New York City is offering consumers the chance to partake in a $35,000, nine-course Thanksgiving feast.

Coming in at roughly $8,750 per person, the Old Homestead Steakhouse meal is setting the bar drastically high for Thanksgiving feasts of the future. According to the Daily Mail, the vast price of the dining experience is alleged to be the most expensive Thanksgiving feast of all time.

“Let's face it: Thanksgiving dinner is boring, basic, and frankly, unimaginative,” said co-owner Marc Sherry. “We're taking all of the traditional holiday fare — the turkey, gravy, stuffing, pumpkin pie — to a creative level never seen before. It's turkey dinner with attitude and personality. We know it's over-the-top expensive, but Thanksgiving comes once a year. If you can splurge for this, you have a lot to be thankful for.”

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(via Daily Mail)

Although the meal appears to be outrageously priced and overzealous, nothing symbolizes American culture more than digging into “poached bourbon-soaked pears with pumpkin paste dusted with 24-carat gold flakes.”

Yes, the opportunity to eat gold flakes is up for grabs. And, surprisingly enough, one meal for four has already been purchased, though the restaurant has not revealed their names.

Naturally, for most of us who cannot afford to indulge in such fantasies of utter granger, one must undoubtedly inquire as to what comes in a $35,000 meal.

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(via Daily Mail)

The feast will include: “Squab stuffed with foie gras and soaked in Courvoisier L'Esprit Cognac, followed by a roasted organic turkey stuffed with seven pounds of ground Japanese Wagyu filet mignon and gravy made with Château Mouton Rothschild. A serving of butternut squash will be infused with winter black truffles and whipped sweet potatoes are topped with three pounds of Royal Osetra 000 caviar. The creamy mash potato is accompanied by Swedish moose cheese and the cranberry orange relish is made with Gran Marnier.”

And to top of the affair, the gold flakes on pumpkin paste. No $35,000 meal would dare exclude the seemingly once in a lifetime opportunity to eat gold. King Midas would naturally beg to differ, but America wouldn’t be America without such a brash flare for the extravagant entities of life.

Source: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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