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Fake Fingernail Leads To Two Arrests In NYC Murder Case

In the end it was a woman’s fingernail that solved the mystery as to who killed a New York City man and set his body on fire over the weekend, police said Monday.

Police have arrested 46-year-old Dawn McIntosh, of Queens, for the murder of Shron McWhorter, a man investigators are describing as her boyfriend, WABC News reports. 

Firefighters and police apparently found 43-year-old McWhorter's still-burning body in an alley in Queens Saturday morning, according to the New York Daily News. 

It is unclear from reports if he was still alive when officials arrived on the scene. 

The body was reportedly so badly burned police had to identify the man by a tattoo on his arm. Police also found a woman's broken fake fingernail on On McWhorter’s body police.

It was when investigators later interviewed McWhorter’s girlfriend that they made a crucial connection, police said. 

“We notice that when we talk to his girlfriend, she is missing a fingernail,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce told the press Monday. “We take her into custody and start speaking to her, and she makes the admission that she actually killed him.’’

Police said they now believe McWhorter and McIntosh had gotten into an argument over money and alleged infidelity when McIntosh shot her boyfriend twice in the side. 

She then enlisted the help of her son, 21-year-old Donte Watkins, and another family member to help put the body in the back of the victim’s Jeep and dispose of it, police said, according to the New York Post. When the body proved too heavy to be hoisted into the vehicle, McIntosh allegedly decided to douse it with lighter fluid and set it ablaze in an effort to destroy evidence.

WABC reports Watkins as being McIntosh’s brother, not her son. The Post reports McWhorter’s first name as Shawn, as opposed to Shron. 

Police arrested both McIntosh and Watkins. She has been charged with murder, criminal possession of a weapon, and tampering with physical evidence. Watkins has been charged with tampering with evidence. 

Sources: WABC News, New York Daily News, New York Post

Photo credit: Tex Texin/Flickr, Ellis Kaplan/New York Post


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