‘Hey S***bag Park Right!’ Vandal Spray Paints Profane Messages On Cars In New York Neighborhood


An unidentified New York man took to spray painting on badly parked cars by tagging the vehicles with rude messages.

The Queens resident vandalized at least two cars in his Glendale neighborhood earlier this week. One message written across the door panels read, “Learn to park s-bag.”

The other tag was more profane: “Hey s***bag park right!”

Apparently, the suspect didn’t like that the cars took up a lot of space on the crowded street and there was no room left for other drivers to park, reports WCBS-TV.

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Residents were angered by the whole situation, saying that it’s a nightmare to find parking around the neighborhood, but that does not give the vandal the right to spray paint other people’s vehicles.

“Nobody has a right to touch your property,” neighbor Dorren Pratt, told WCBS.

Pratt, who saw nothing wrong with one of the parking jobs, added: “There was no way another car would have fit there. A smart car was even too big for it.”

“I know how hard it is to find spots in this neighborhood. So I would try to leave space if there was space,” a driver who owns one of the tagged cars told the station. “So it’s like, very upsetting.”

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Residents now say they want the vandal caught.

A surveillance camera at a nearby school captured footage of the alleged suspect, who appears to be carrying a can of spray paint.

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Sources: Daily Mail, CBS New York


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