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New York City Politician Vallone Proposes Public Online Gun Felon Registry

A New York City politician has introduced a bill that would make a list of criminals convicted of felony gun crimes available to the public.

The legislation was introduced by Queens Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr.

The concept behind the proposed law should sound familiar to you. Vallone says the bill is modeled after the Megan’s Law sex offender registry.

If Vallone’s bill passes, convicted gun crime felons would be enrolled on a public list on the internet. A picture of the felon, their prison sentence details, and their house address would be listed on the site.

A list like the one Vallone is proposing already exists, but it is only available to the NYPD. 595 names are currently in the database. Several other cities have similar lists, but as of right now only Chicago makes the list public.

“We cannot allow these violent offenders to slip through the cracks upon their release from prison.” Vallone said.

State Senator Jeff Klein (D – Bronx) plans to introduce similar legislation in New York’s state senate.

“By providing law enforcement and everyday New Yorkers with more information about potential threats, we can and will prevent more gun crimes,” Klein said

Sources: Qgazette, NY Daily News


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