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New York City Police Shootings at All-Time Low

New York City police officers are using their guns at an all-time low rate -- however they fired more bullets last year than the year before.

The New York Daily News says that according to the department's annual Firearms Discharge report, officers fired their guns 92 times in 2010. That's 13% lower than the 106 shootings in 2009, and the lowest rate in the 40 years the NYPD has been keeping such records.

But officers fired 368 bullets last year, up 24% from the record-low 297 bullets fired in 2009. Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said the numbers include two big shootouts that skewed the figures.

Officers killed eight people and wounded 16 others last year -- both record lows.

So far this year there have been just 83 officer-involved shootings.


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