New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's War on Guns


New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly is under criticism for his "stop-and-frisk" policies that took 800 guns off the streets in 2011. Kelly sees his actions as saving lives, but pro-gun groups like the NRA do not.

Nevertheless, Kelly is sticking to his proverbial guns to get firearms off the streets, whether they be new or old. 

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He told the NY Daily News: “But here is the thing about old guns. They can be around a very long time, and then you load them and pull the trigger and they still work, against a cop or anybody else.”

“These are the guns that are turning our city into a shooting gallery. We had three cops shot last year. This year we’ve had eight shot already, and it’s only Easter. I’m tired of this!”

A major problem for Kelly is that many of the guns that turn up in New York City come from southern states where gun laws are more lax.

This is why Kelly longs for a national gun law: "There is no easy solution to this problem. Absent a comprehensive anti-gun strategy throughout the country, as opposed to a pro-gun strategy. In New York, we have every law we need on the books. The problem isn’t this state, it’s all the other ones.”

“We got another happy ending last night, because no New York City cop died. But eventually we’re going to run the limit on happy endings. And yet somehow thereseems to be no appetite, oneither side of the aisle in Washington, to do anything to help us.”

Click here to see our gallery of the most popular guns in America.


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