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NYC Eighth Graders Quick To Spot Diploma Typo

Recent graduates from a New York City middle school might feel as though they need to get out their red pens and give school administrators a quick lesson in proofreading after finding a glaring typographical error on their eighth-grade diplomas.

Some 400 graduates from the city’s Robert Wagner Middle School received their diplomas with the word “department” clearly misspelled across the top, WNYW News reports.

Nancy Gardner’s daughter was one of those students. 

“It didn't take me very long to notice the typo,” she told WNYW. 

 The diploma was intended to read, “NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION,” but the fourth word was spelled “DEPARTMEMT” with an “M” in place of the “N.”

The students all reportedly received their diplomas a few days before their graduation ceremony. 

The Department of Education told WNYW that they only issue diplomas for graduating high school seniors and that the middle school certificate was likely created at the school level. 

If that’s the case, Gardner said, she suspects administrators will be a little more careful next year. 

“I'm sure next year they will be pouring over those diplomas to make sure every 'i' is dotted and 't' is crossed,” she said. 

But the New York typo may not be the most embarrassing typo to ever appear on a diploma.

Last year, a University of California, Berkley, graduate caught a typo on his old diploma, KABC News in Los Angeles reported. 

Alex Harris said at the time that his mass communications degree had hung on his wall since 2003 and it wasn't until his wife was packing it for a move that anyone noticed an “o” had been inadvertently substituted for a “u” so the diploma carried the misspelled word, “cummunications.”

Harris snapped a photo of the certificate and posted it online where it quickly went viral. 

He asked his alma mater for a new diploma but said he wanted to keep the old one. 

Sources: WNYW News, KABC News

Photo Credit: WNYW News


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