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New York City Man Gets Prison Time For Nearly Beating 4-Month-Old Puppy To Death

A New York City man will serve a year in jail for beating his four-month-old puppy so badly that she couldn't eat or walk and had to be euthanized.

Dwayne Gentles beat his puppy Brandy for most of her short life. The beatings were so brutal that she had to be euthanized four days before Christmas in 2012.

According to the Bronx District Attorney's office, the pit bull suffered two broken legs, a jaw fracture that prevented her from being able to eat, and 13 broken ribs all in a four-month span. Veterinarians said she may also have suffered neurological damage.

At Gentles' hearing, his neighbors said that they often heard the puppy's whimpering from his apartment.

The jury acquitted Gentles of aggravated animal cruelty charges Thursday.

Prosecutors say that the flea-ridden, emaciated puppy was barely conscious when Gentles brought her to the veterinarian. 

The dog was euthanized on the doctor's suggestion.

Gentles will be barred from owning a dog for one year after he is released from prison.

Sources: NBC New York, Newsday / Photo credit: NBC New York


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