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New York City Cracks Down On 'Manspreading' In Subways (Video)

The New York City subway system started a new campaign urging men to stop "manspreading," which is the act of sitting with one's legs spread.

Every passenger on the subway is only supposed to take up 17.5 inches (video below).

Actress Kelley Rae O’Donnell has been taking pictures of "manspreading" for three years and posting the pics on Twitter.

“I spend a lot of time commuting back and forth into Manhattan from Brooklyn,” O’Donnell told CBS New York. “And there was so much of it on these crowded trains that I just starting taking pictures. Mostly because they wouldn’t move for people or allow other people to sit down.”

Kevin Ortiz, of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, added, “This is an issue that we’ve heard from our female customers about in particular."

Newsday columnist Cathy Young commented that women also take up extra space on subways with shopping bags, purses and other accessories. recently tried an experiment in which a male and female reporter both spread their legs while sitting on the subway, and found that the woman elicited more attention from other passengers (video below).

Sources: CBS New York, Newsday,
Image Credit: CBS New York Screenshot


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