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New York Ad Agency Has Employees Pose Naked for Staff Photos

A New York design boutique Sagmeister & Walsh found an interesting way to attract new clients, as they had all of their employees pose nude for their staff photos.

The agency makes commercials, photos, apps, websites and other objects for clients. 

The nude staff photos began 19 years ago when Stefan Sagmeister founded the company.

He wanted to find a successful way to promote Sagmeister Inc. That's when he decided to send a naked picture of himself with a redaction bar on his private parts to Sandbox Studios.

The company has since proven to be a success, having high-profile clients like Universal Music/Jay-Z, Levi's and the Rolling Stones.

A year ago, when Jessica Walsh became a partner, they sent out another nude photo.

"We decided to make a re-make of that original mailer," Walsh said. "Within an hour of sending out that email blast we were getting thousands of blogs and retweets."

"In that aspect it was quite a functional piece of design."

Sources: Daily Mail,Business Insider


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