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New 2012 Volkswagen Beetle to Debut at NY Auto Show?

One of the standouts of all of the Super Bowl ads on Sunday was the commercial for the new 2012 Volkswagen Beetle.

We never did see the actual car -- just the profile, but it was enough to get the car world buzzing about what the next generation of the iconic car will look like (pictured is a prototype). It appears we will find out this spring in New York City.

Sources tell 4 Wheel News that it is "possible" that the car will be unveiled at the 2011 New York Auto show in April.

The report said:

As you may know already, the new car will come with a new design, inspired by the Volkswagen Ragster Concept and it is part of Vw’s plan to become world’s largest car manufacturer by 2018.

The new Beetle is expected to offer two engine types -- a gasoline engine capable of 31 mpg and a Clean Diesel that can get as many as 43 miles per gallon.

Safety features include ABS with braking assistant and six airbags.

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