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New Video Shows Taliban Ambushing US Troops on Halloween

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A new video has just been released by FUNKER530 showing a Taliban ambush on American troops in Afghanistan on Halloween of last year.

FUNKER530, which regularly posts helmet cam footage of conflicts overseas, explained, “During a foot patrol on Halloween in Afghanistan, a U.S patrol is ambushed by Taliban fighters. This footage is part of an ongoing documentary of the war in Afghanistan through raw combat footage.” FUNKER530 has posted nearly 300 videos wartime videos, including this viral video of an Afghani firefight that gathered over 4.5 million views.

This short video begins with a line of troops walking through a field while discussing Halloween. Almost as if in retort to cameraman’s comment, “They don’t understand the concept of Halloween, Staff Sergeant,” a burst of gunfire rings out. The men quickly dive to the ground and wait a few moments as the gunfire dies down. The cameraman ends the video with, “That’s fucking close.”

It may have taken this video a few months to reach the Internet, but the adrenaline-pumping danger that it captures is as fresh as ever. One YouTube commenter remarked, “the sound of machine gun A-10 is incredible.”

Another YouTuber gave the tongue-in-cheek remark, “Trick is always the way in-country. No treats.” These soldiers may not have gotten a chance to dress up like ghosts and zombies while handing out candy, but they got a heart-stopping Halloween scare nonetheless.

Videos like this one offer fresh perspective about the realities of war and the power of firearms, even as Americans are locked in a vicious gun control debate that’s burdened by politics and harsh rhetoric. Regardless of where you fall on the issue of gun control, we can all be relieved that the video ends with the soldiers intact.


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