New Video Shows Aftermath of Michael Brown Shooting in Ferguson


A new video of the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Mo., has been released.

The new footage (video below) aired by CNN was filmed by witness Piaget Crenshaw moments after the Aug. 9 shooting by Officer Darren Wilson.

"God bless his soul, the police shot this boy outside my apartment," Crenshaw is heard saying at the beginning of the video.

Crenshaw told CNN that her lawyer advised her to hold back releasing her cell phone video for "her own personal safety" and because Officer Wilson was not identified until last Friday, notes Talking Points Memo.

She claimed that Officer Wilson shot Brown multiple times after the teen stopped running and turned around, which would line up with the autopsy that found bullets entered the front of Brown's body, noted

 “When [Brown] turned toward the cop was when he let off the most shots,” Crenshaw told CNN.

“I knew police should not even have been chasing this young boy and firing at the same time,” added Crenshaw. “That fact that he got shot in the face, it was something that clicked in me, I thought, somebody else needs to see this. This isn’t right.”

Sources:, CNN, Talking Points Memo


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