New Video Of LaVoy Finicum Shooting Released (Video)

Oregon's Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office released a new cellphone video (below) on March 8 of the Robert "LaVoy" Finicum shooting on Jan. 26. The new video was filmed inside Finicum’s white Dodge pickup truck by passenger Shauna Cox.

The cellphone video, which was synched up to the FBI's surveillance video, shows the Oregon militant defiantly yelling at Oregon State Police who stopped him, notes RawStory.com:

"You wanna shoot me, you shoot me! I'm going to meet the sheriff, the sheriff is waiting for us. So you do as you damn well please, but I'm not going anywhere.

"Here I am, right there. Right there, put a bullet through it. You understand? I'm going to go meet the sheriff. You back down or you kill me now. Go ahead, put the bullet through me. I don't care, I'm going to go meet the sheriff. You do as you damn well please."

Finicum then asks his passengers if they want to get out of his truck, but they don't seem to understand why. Instead, they keep asking where Ryan and Ammon Bundy are.

"OK, boys, this is going to get real!" Finicum shouts at law enforcement. "You want my blood on your hands? Get it done because we got people to see and places to go."

Finicum tells his passengers to get down because he is going to drive off. After he speeds off, Finicum soon finds the road blocked by law enforcement. He tries driving around the roadblock, but hits a snowbank. Finicum gets out of his truck, and tells law enforcement to shoot him several times.

State troopers fired three fatal shots when Finicum appeared to be reaching for a weapon.

The shooting and subsequent surrender by the other armed ranchers in Oregon brought an end to a 41-day  occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon.

Victoria Sharp, one of Finicum's passengers, was not arrested.

Along with the cellphone video release, there have been questions raised about the FBI's role in the shooting. There were three bullets fired by an Oregon State trooper at Finicum's truck as he drove at 70 mph towards the roadblock.

According to The Oregonian, the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office believes a fourth bullet that hit the truck was fired by an FBI agent who denied twice during an interview with sheriff's investigators that he ever fired his gun. Investigators also believe the agent fired a second shot that missed.

"Of particular concern to all of us is that the HRT [Hostage Rescue Team] operators did not disclose their shots to our investigators or their superiors," Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson said during a press conference on March 8.

"Nor did they discuss specific actions they took after the shooting, which are the subject of an ongoing investigation," Nelson added.

The U.S. Justice Department's Office of Inspector General and the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office are investigating the incident.

Sources: The Oregonian, RawStory.com / Photo credit: Shauna Cox/The Oregonian/YouTube

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