New Video Evidence Contradicts Woman's Claim She Was Hit By Car (Video)

The story of a New Orleans woman who claimed she was purposefully hit by a driver who lured her into the street proved to be false after new video evidence surfaced.

The woman had accused a driver of stopping and making a motion for her to cross. As she allegedly stepped in front of the car, the driver accelerated and hit her, then stopped so a passenger could taunt her.

Gerald Noto, who owns a business on the street the woman was reportedly assaulted on, said he heard the woman scream.

“She was sitting right there at the curb and her legs were dangling, like, on the side,” Noto recalled. “I heard her say they were crossing the street and someone hit them and left…I just find it odd that a person would do that.”

The video footage was obtained from a surveillance camera outside of Juan’s Flying Burrito. The footage, from June 5, shows a vehicle similar to the one the woman described – however, it passes by her without incident.

“There’s no car involved in this at all,” Sixth District Commander Bob Bardy said. “It didn’t happen. It’s indisputable that it didn’t happen.”

In the footage, the woman reaches the sidewalk and falls down. Then, she gets up and walks away.

Jud Houston, manager of Juan’s Flying Burrito, said he does not understand why the woman claimed she was hit and noted that it is clear in the video that she was not harmed.

Police have not been able to reach the woman since the footage was released. It is unclear whether they will charge her with filing a false report, since it is possible that the woman truly believed she was hit.

Sources: The Blaze, The Times Picayune


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