Another Woman Accuses Josh Duggar Of Sexual Abuse

An unidentified young woman has reportedly accused former Christian reality show star Josh Duggar of molesting her years ago.

"After last year's revelations about Josh's molestation scandal, word got around that there was another girl who said she'd been abused by Josh when she was a teenager," an unidentified source recently told InTouch magazine. "The Duggars knew the girl. Michelle [Duggar, Josh's mother] was terrified when she heard that this girl was talking about what Josh had done." 

The Duggar family was featured on the reality show "19 Kids and Counting," which was canceled in 2015 following news about Josh having molested several girls, including some of his sisters, when he was a teenager.

The alleged victim, now in her 20s, and her parents reportedly met with the Duggars and told them there would not be any legal action, but there was no written agreement to guarantee that promise.

The young woman reportedly "rebelled" after the sex scandal and left home upon reaching adulthood.

Josh's parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, posted Joshua 1:9, which is Josh's favorite Bible verse, on the family's Facebook page on June 8, but reportedly took it down after commenters posted negative responses, which are often removed.

The InTouch website claimed on May 25 that Josh is not allowed to use a cellphone with photo capabilities.

"It’s not a smartphone," an unidentified source told the gossip site. "He isn’t allowed to have one of those. He has a little phone with a tiny screen and he can’t send or receive picture messages on it."

InTouch also noted that Josh got the cold shoulder from wife Anna's family when they went to her grandmother's funeral in May.

"He tried to talk to Anna’s sister Susanna, saying he was sorry he hadn’t talked to her since everything happened, and it got really awkward," the source stated. "She stopped him and said, 'You don’t have to apologize to me. If you’d had an affair on me, we wouldn’t be married anymore.'"

Anna’s brother Daniel also reportedly shunned Josh during the same trip.

"Josh tried to sit next to Daniel at a restaurant, and Daniel got up and moved to another table," the source added.

Sources: Fashion & Style, In Touch / Photo credit: Josh Duggar/Twitter

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