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New Vehicle Arrives In U.S. By Train, Owners Make Shocking Find Under Spare Tire

New Vehicle Arrives In U.S. By Train, Owners Make Shocking Find Under Spare Tire Promo Image

A Minnesota truck driver made a shocking discovery while inspecting new Ford Fusions shipped to the U.S. from Mexico. 

According to the Arizona Daily Star, a St. Paul, Minnesota, truck driver was inspecting two new Ford Fusions at a rail yard when he came across bundles of marijuana stashed in the spare tires in the cars' trunks. Each car had a 20-pound block of marijuana, and each block was wrapped in plastic, aluminum foil and garbage bags, then tucked inside coffee grounds, a police report from the St. Paul Police Department states.

The discovery was reportedly followed by another find by BNSF Railway police. Before the discovery was made, 13 of the 15 Ford Fusions in the train car that transported the vehicles had already been sent to dealerships. Three of the Fusions were bought by a rental car agency and sent to a nearby airport to serve as rental cars. Airport police were quickly called to search the vehicles and all 13 vehicles from the train car were tracked down. Marijuana was found in each of the 13 vehicles.

According to Mad World News, an 86-year-old man discovered a 50-pound bag of marijuana in the trunk of his new Ford Fusion in Rochester, Minnesota, roughly 80 miles from St. Paul.

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St. Paul Police Department spokesman Steve Linders said that no arrests have been made in connection with the incident and there are no suspects. 

Ford Fusions are built in Hermosillo, in the Mexican state of Sonora. 

According to the Arizona Daily Star, there was a separate incident in March 2017 in which marijuana was discovered in another Ford Fusion shipped from Mexico. Authorities found more than 217 pounds of marijuana after searching more than 400 vehicles in the Dilworth rail yard. The marijuana was packaged to look like spare tires in the new Ford Fusions, according to Dilworth Police Chief Ty Sharpe. 

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Readers shared their thoughts on the story on the Mad World News Facebook page.

"Would not be a problem if the car companies would shut down those plants and bring the jobs back over here," one reader commented. "I say BIG fines for the car companies who are bringing in the drugs disguised in cars."

"Legalise weed, the market will be flooded with homegrown and this crapola will stop. BILLIONS of American dollars will stay on the North side of the border," another user wrote. "Those dollars will roll into the economy, which will help us all. It'll take a little while, but this would be awesome for the US citizens."

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"They put the drugs in in Mexico so who is supposed to take them out here. Time to start following the drugs," another reader commented. "You know they aren't just putting them in as a new car bonus. So bust the sellers here then begin a program to ship back any cars found to have drugs in them and don't let that car ever return to US. Make ford start paying heavy fines for importing drugs and stop allowing their vehicle imports completely for a year. After that any car being shipped in found to have drugs in it stop all Ford imports completely and permanently. I'm sure it's not just Ford but they got caught."

Sources: Arizona Daily StarMad World NewsMad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Tony Webster/Flickr, St. Paul Police Department via Arizona Daily Star

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