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New Urinal Can Tell Customer If He Or She Is Too Drunk To Drive

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After a night of drinking, it may be hard to tell how much is too much when it comes to driving home. But now, a new Singaporean urinal can let drivers know before they risk endangering themselves and others.

The aptly named Pee Analyzer was developed by DDB Group Singapore, and uses several methods to prevent people from driving drunk, according to The Inquistr. When a customer parks his or her car with a valet, he or she receives a parking pass with a tracking device. Then when he or she uses the urinal, the amount of alcohol in his or her blood stream is relayed to the parking pass and a reader. An eye-level sign also tells the customer if he or she is too drunk to drive.

When the customer goes to retrieve his or her car, an alert will be issued to the attendant if necessary.

According to The Inquistr, “The company hopes that bars will offer to call a cab for their customer or offer a drive-home service. Should clubs decide on a drive-home service, they could add new and responsible revenue to their service. Before going live, the Pee Analyzer tested 573 drivers over a two week period. The system found that 342 users chose to take a cab or use a clubs drive-home service.”

The Center for Disease Control and Protection estimates 112 million cases of drunk driving in the United States in 2010, and almost 10,000 Americans died in drunk driving crashes in 2011, according to MADD.

Sources: The Inquistr, MADD


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