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New TV Show Reveals Woman's Addiction to Dirty Diapers

Some addictions are surprising; others are startling. This one might be altogether alarming.

On the show “My Strange Addiction”, 22-year-old Keyshia revealed that she is addicted to sucking on diapers. And not just any diapers – dirty diapers.

“It has to have pee in it,” she has said. “The heavier ones that have more pee smell better.”

In the last two years, she has sniffed, snacked, and slurped her way through some 25,000 dirty diapers.

The show, which premiered on January 15, is sure to expose even more unexpected details. Her fiancé, Jerome, has described the extreme measures she’ll go to get her fix. “She’s even willing to dig in the garbage,” he has said.

News of her addiction has paved the way for a multitude of questions. Where, for example, has she gotten all these dirty diapers? And, seeing as diapers are far from inexpensive, how much has the habit cost her?

One is also left to wonder how snacking on all these diapers has affected her health.

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