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FRC: New Survey Shows Troops Themselves Don't Want Gays in Military


The Military Times this week released a new survey of active-duty personnel regarding their views on the current law that is supposed to exclude homosexuals from military service.

Although it was a reader survey rather than a scientific poll, supporters of homosexuals in the military may take comfort from the fact that it showed opposition to their position declined from 63 to 51 percent since 2003. However, active support for homosexuals in the military increased only half as much, from 24 to 29.5 percent -- meaning that opponents of this radical social experiment still outnumber proponents in the ranks by 21.5 percent. Those who said they oppose a change in the law "strongly" outnumber those who "strongly" support homosexuals in the military by an even larger margin -- 36.8 to 14.5 percent.

The biggest increase was in those who described themselves as "neutral" or "declined to answer" -- whose numbers have doubled in the last five years. This suggests to me that the pressure of political correctness, and the inevitable vilification of anyone who speaks against the homosexual agenda, is already taking a toll on the willingness of our military personnel to speak out candidly on this subject.

Nevertheless, the poll shows that the idea that homosexuals in the military would be "no big deal" to today's armed forces is nothing but wishful thinking on the part of homosexual activists.


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