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New Smart Weapon, PGF Rifle, Hits Target 1,200 Yards Away (Video)

A new high-tech rifle can reportedly hit a target from 1,200 yards away.

The Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) was created by TrackingPoint, which considers itself a tech company, as opposed to a gun company.

“What we’ve done is a fundamentally different shift. We’ve democratized accuracy, ” TrackingPoint CEO Jason Schauble told Motherboard (video below).

“We know the gravity of the products we bring to the marketplace is a pretty significant thing. There are guns, they can take lives. But we’re not trying to put out a product that enables skill-free killing.”

The gun uses a sophisticated computerized scope, which does real-time ballistics calculation.

The PGFs laser-range finder is "reflected by the target, providing range measurement accuracy within one meter," says TrackingPoint.

The company sells the PGF for $17,000 and claims the rifle enables shooters to make “ethical kill-shots.”

However, the shooter may not share the same ethics as a civilized society.

Source: Motherboard


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