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New Smart Rifle Lets Any Average Joe Take Down Target At 1,100 Yards

A Texas firearms company says it has come up with a rifle that turns even a first-time shooter into a military-quality sniper who can take down any target, even from around corners.

The new “Smart Rifle” technology is created by TrackingPoint, a company specializing in precision guided firearms. The home page of the TrackingPoint website tantalizes aspiring marksmen with the provocative question, “Could you hit a moving target at 1000 yards?”

The answer, according to the company, is “yes, you can.”

The rifle features an on-board computer that automatically senses and adjusts for such environmental factors as barometric pressure, temperature and even the rotation of the Earth, all of which affect a bullet’s trajectory, particularly over long distances.

A would-be sniper must enter wind speed and directional information by hand.

The rifles are Wi-Fi enabled and come with color video screens built in.

A TV reporter for a CBS affiliate in Washington D.C. gave the rifle a test spin and found that, though he had no experience as a marksman, he hit a target precisely four times at increasing distances from 300 to 1,100 yards.

The reporter asked a TrackingPoint rep, Darren Jones, if this rifle makes it any easier for “a psycho [who] is going to go out and kill schoolchildren.”

“No. First of all, this is a bolt action rifle,” said Jones. “It’s not an AR platform, which was what was used at Newtown.”

In other words, the rifle is not an automatic or semi-automatic weapon. The shooter must manually pull back the bolt before every shot.

Of course, any such “psycho” would also need be rich. The guns sell for $27,500 each.

TrackingPoint’s CEO, Iraq War veteran Jason Schauble, says the company expects to sell 500 of the guns this year, mainly to wealthy people who want to kill big game animals from far away.

SOURCES: WUSA Channel 9, CNN Money, TrackingPoint


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