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New 'Smart Gun' Only Fires When Owner Pulls Trigger

The Armatix Smart System iP1, a new gun from Germany that is being sold in California, won’t fire unless it’s in range of a special wristwatch worn by the gun’s owner.

When the wristwatch and the Armatix iP1 are close enough to each other, a light in the gun turns from red to green.

Gun control advocates are supporting this new "smart gun," but so are gun rights proponents.

“It could revolutionize the gun industry,” James Mitchell, owner of the Oak Tree Gun Club, told The Washington Post.

However, the National Rifle Association isn't happy about about this new gun.

The NRA's lobbying arm is worried that smart guns have “the potential to mesh with the anti-gunner’s agenda, opening the door to a ban on all guns that do not possess the government-required technology."

However, Belinda Padilla, president of Armatix’s U.S. office, disagrees. "If you have two cars, and one has an air bag and one doesn’t, are you going to buy the one without the air bag?" she said. "It’s your choice, but why would you do that?”

According to, the Armatix iP1 costs $1,399, while the watch is $399. It may be a worthwhile investment to create a safer country.

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