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New 'RIP' Bullet is Designed to 'Take Out All Your Vital Organs'

A new bullet called the "Radically Invasive Projectile" or "R.I.P." for short, is designed “to take out all your vital organs,” claims its maker G2 Research.

The Windsor, Ga., company claims the "one-shot manstopper' has a full metal jacket enabling it to rip through solid objects and stop attackers (or people who are thought to be attackers).

The bullet has three angles so it can rip through someone's flesh with greater speed and efficiency.

The Washington Times reports that the company's website states, “It is capable of going through barriers such as sheet rock, plywood, sheet metal or glass and still performs its original intent. The bullet shreds through solid objects and only then, expands its energy.”

“I wanted to create a round that would work well against a home intruder,” G2 Research president Cliff Brown told The Blaze. “There were so many stories out there about a woman trying to defend her home and having to shoot someone five or six times and they’d still come after her. We wanted to create an effective one-shot man-stopper.”

The US has more guns and gun deaths than any other developed nation, reports ABC News.

Sources: The Washington Times, The Blaze, ABC News


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